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Size Effects and Strength Correlation for Ultra-High Performance Concrete

Evaluation of Concrete Pavements with Material-Related Distress

Rapid Construction Solutions Using Prefabricated Prestressed Concrete Bridge Systems

Condition Assessment and Methods of Abatement for Prestressed Concrete Box-Beam Deterioration - Phase I

Durability of "Early-Opening-to-Traffic" Portland Cement Concrete for Pavement Rehabilitation

Causes and Cures of Prestressed Concrete I-Beam End Deterioration

Causes and Cures for Cracking of Concrete Barriers

Detection, Analysis, and Treatment of Materials-Related Distress in Concrete Pavements


Forming concrete


Professor Tess Ahlborn Tess Ahlborn Earns Distinguished Educator Award from PCI
Civil Engineering Associate Professor Tess Ahlborn recently received the 2010 PCI Distinguished Educator Award from PCI, the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute.
Mighty Mac Michigan Tech Prof Helps Mighty Mac Gain National Recognition
When the Mackinac Bridge is officially designated a National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark on Aug. 12, no one will be happier than Michigan Technological University’s Tess Ahlborn. “It joined Michigan’s two peninsulas together. It opened up another trade route with Canada. It truly advanced the civil engineering profession,” she says. “And, it’s the Mighty Mac!”

Tess Ahlborn Bridges in Trouble: Diagnosing Their Ills from a Distance
Tess Ahlborn believes we could learn a lot from bridges, if only we could hear what they have to say. Now, she aims to find the best ways to listen in.

Ahlborn to Co-chair Scientific Committee Ahlborn to Co-chair Scientific Committee for Structural Concrete Congress




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